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14 November 2007 @ 08:48 pm
Tired Tired Tired  

I'm sooo tired. We had quite a long day at school today, even though we had to free lessons of English since our teacher was sick. I'm tired but I'm even more tired because I had a lot of work to do today; I did a lot of studying of Maltese Literature today and when I went to my private lesson today the asshole kept us out in the street in the cold and then his wife called to us and canceled so I had to walk to my mom's shop for ten mintues. Needless to say I'm tired but I want to enjoy my evening. I had a lovely dinner and now I just want to write and watch Lee Evans, then get a peaceful sleep. So basically this week is rather uninteresting but I'll go through with it just the same and hope for a nicer and more evenful week next week. 


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