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05 November 2007 @ 02:49 pm
Stupid Cold  
Ah I've got a supid stupid cold and it's getting on my nerves! I cant seem to do anything as long as I've got it so I'm trying so hard to find something to do while relaxing but its really difficult. 

On a brighter note, its been about four days since my aunt ordered my birthday present which is the Decomposition Beauty DVD of the GazettE and I'm getting really anxious. I really hope its here soon but I suppose I'll just have to sit and wait very patiently...yeah right, I can't be patient, It's The GazettE!

Its really hard to wait for something like this but I've got to try. Till then I've got youtube and the Nameless Liberty Six Guns DVD for company. Not to mention all the nice people on JDorama which let's me talk about the GazettE all I want so I think I'll live.

Enough rambling, over and out!

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